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Idaho Falls Blackfoot


Do you sell bulk Popcorn?

Yes we do, we have a 33 gal bag we sell for $40. Generally feeds 70-100 people

we can also do half this size if needed for $20

we can also do individual bags (44 oz serving) for $1.00 a bag

we do not sell or give individual bags away with the bulk bag options.


How do I order Popcorn?

Click the link below and fill out our order form and we will be with you as soon as we can. Orders should be in at least one day prior the date needed.

popcorn order link


Do I need my email confirmation from online tickets to get into the Movie?

No, that is the easiest way to get in but if you for some reason don't have it we can look up any online ticket transaction done through our website by the name it is under. We can print tickets off from that information.


Can I get a refund or a Rain Check?

We can absolutely do a refund or swap your tickets, we would need to do this at the theater your tickets are for. Someone will need to come in and swap them or refund them before the showtime your tickets are purchased for.  We know this can be an inconvenience and we are working on an online solution for this.


How Long are your previews?

we have roughly 12-15 minutes of previews on each film.

the previews for the movie will start at showtime so if a movie is scheduled to start at 7:00 then the previews will start at 7:00 and the actual movie will start roughly 12-15 minutes later.


When will my Movie End?

because the previews start at the showtime listed the movie will end roughly 12 - 15 minutes later than the run time.

we post the run time above the movie times online.


How can I submit an Application?

at this time we only have applications available at the theater. come in and grab one.


Do you have a Lost and Found?

we do yes, please email the date you where in. what location you where at. Theater Number and seat number as well as a description of the item and we will take a look for you. please provide a number we can get back to you at. 





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